Government House Adelaide commissioned ChinaShop to design a series of Open Day banners to provide information for visitors about each of the main rooms.

The ChinaShop team landed on the idea of using textures from content within each of the rooms as backgrounds to the information and images. The first order of business was to photograph the textures and we commissioned Russell Millard photography to accompany art director Jo Koehler to spend a day in the House taking extreme closeups of everything from fine bone china to chandeliers.

The textures form the backdrop to the banners and also dictated the colour palette. The images are accompanied by a large typographic treatment using SangBleu Empire as the primary font.

The response from Government House and their visitors has been positive with the branding extended to display case labels and other Open Day collateral.

GH Banners Mockup 1
GH Banners Mockup 2
GH Banners Mockup 3
GH Banners Mockup 4